Grant Criteria

The multifaceted Manufacturing Drive/Bluff Boulevard Reconstruction project consists of all primary and secondary selection criteria in the RAISE grant.

Primary Selection Criteria


Reduce traffic accidents by 47% (239 accidents including 2 fatalities in last five years) by converting to 3-lane roadway, as well as address safety concerns such as widening, re-alignment, addition of turn lanes, and possible roundabouts.

State of
Good Repair

Manufacturing Dr. and Bluff Blvd. is the second busiest street in the City, yet lacks good repair in stretches including Manufacturing Dr., between Valley West Dr. to S 19th St., Manufacturing Dr. and S Bluff Blvd. from S 19th St. to S 14th St., and Bluff Blvd. from S 14th St. to 7th Ave. N.


This corridor is a major arterial through the heart of the City, improvements will increase efficiencies of movement of people and goods to business, saving money and stimulating further development of the area.


Treatment of runoff, sewer separation, bridge elevation over high water marks, reduced vehicle emissions, LED street lights, solar pathway lighting, permeable pavement, tree planting, and use of recycled pavement materials are examples of environmental benefits.

Quality of

Expanded access to commercial areas of the City for residents, increasing safety, capacity, and likely volume to retail and entertainment destinations, employers, various elementary, secondary, and post-secondary educational institutions, and health care facilities.

Secondary Selection Criteria


Applying multiple innovative strategies such as roundabouts, solar powered walkway lighting, permeable pavement, and heat trace elements will create many benefits relating to cost, safety, sustainability, and efficiency.


This project gives the City an opportunity to partner with a variety and potentially extensive number of local companies for mutual benefit area.